Sunday, February 22, 2009

summer art market - deadline - MISSED!

I was having a terrible start to my saturday morning and then it got worse. I looked down at my calendar that sits on my desk - and there was my list of TO DO's on friday.
Beckys birthday! - happy birthday Becky
Mail/deliver Mia's party invites
return Library books
Apply to Summer Art Market - deadline today.

I thought about it early on in the day on friday, and called to ask john if he wanted me to apply for him.
Then i was needing to call the Art Students League to make sure we were current on our membership.
although, i never got that far. I just plain forgot. I am wondering why i waited until the last minute.
It had been on my calendar for 2 weeks. I feel totally responsible - but devistated. it is my biggest source of income for the year - especially now that i am not going to do any shows out of town for a few years.

I am crossing my fingers they will allow me to enter late - and preparing myself if they can't. I need some good thoughts my way (please) :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

another invite - -

another invite - - and a fun party to look forward to. Mia wanted an ART party this year. She is so excited about it. We arent sure what kind of "art" we are doing yet. It may be silkscreen, painting or a bunch of different stations. ?? I will of course share photos of all the kids getting dirty and having fun - after the party.

Monday, February 16, 2009

finally - a treasury to share

i really like this one - i did it in record time from my favorites.
dont' look at this treasury!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Holy Valentine

I know - I know - I know 49 shrinkydink necklaces (24 of them personalized) is an insane project to take on 5 days before the girls valentines parties.... but I did it anyway. This has taken the majority of the girls (and my) freetime this week. On top of being sick. I was left to put strings on them all and stuff them in the envelopes. Now - back to regularly scheduled programming. (like an illustration job I have due monday)

Since Ryan is in preschool and the kids like to play mailman - they all have to be the same since they cant read the names and sort them with accuracy. Thank goodness - it had to have saved me a few hours.

I am so proud of Mia and her bubble letters. She does them like a pro. And John taught her how to do lightening bolts for the boys. She will be Queen of Doodles in just a couple years. (bubble letters and lightening bolts! what a pair)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Get your HEART on! 2 dozen new pieces for your SWEET Thing!

New work for sale - FREE shipping in the month of February. Check it out - click here to view the sale.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


For you and your SWEET-Thing! I have 24 NEW pieces inspired by the month of the VALENTINE. From $60-$80. Original, One of a kind, ready to hang- mixed media, silkscreens on wood. There are some real funny ones. Sale starts WEDNESDAY, FEB 4TH.