Thursday, July 31, 2008

Check out his new sight -

My husband - (who if you don't know) is a talented commercial/editorial photographer. He has a new website that is long overdue. There is some great new stuff on his site, and a blog of his own.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Art camp x2

With summer winding down "we" (the ladies) are officially bored - so this week we had more playdates, and more art camp.
First we made fish and used texture (different papers for the scales) on one side and then glitter and sparkles on the other side.

The next day we did FASHION art camp. Mia and I have been watching Project Runway and she is inspired to design and sew. I don't have the sewing skills to teach her the right way so I stalled and we made their ideas out of paper. I asked them what their dresses were going to look like sleeves, no sleeves, straps? and then length/etc and then I helped them with the basic sketch.. Then I cut it out of larger, thicker paper and they colored to "fabric" and decorated them. They were so proud, and so was i!




Monday, July 21, 2008

back to work . . .

I am back to work. I had a good reason to get hustling this week. My dear friend (and my daughters favorite sitter/superhero/person) Rhaetia was having her going away party saturday night. I had promised artwork, so i had to deliver! I have made some beautiful new backgrounds for screens this week. MAPS! Denver, Chicago, Manhattan and Kansas City so far. I had a beautiful screen done of Denver to use on her piece and while driving home from the studio it RIPPED. This is my first ripped screen and i was just sick about it! I did end up getting it all done. The only photo I got of it - was once I gave it to Rhaetia. The piece is now traveling across country to its new home San Francisco .

it was such nice light when i was working at the studio this week

lining the film up can be difficult- to make a 16x16inch piece i need to line up 4 sheets (then x2)

i make my negs with a double thick piece of transparency laser printer film.

the sad rip in my screen

the newest piece i gave to rhaetia. (i think it was 12x12 - it might have been 10x10) you think i should know.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

NEW WORK } on etsy this week

I will be listing new work in my etsy shop this week. Here is a sneak peak
of what i will be listing. Prints from my most recent work/show.

Friday, July 11, 2008

it was a week of sanding

That's all I have done this week is sand my wood. It's been boring but i have to do it.
Now I am on to scanning and making new screens. Then -printing new work soon. aaahhh

Friday, July 04, 2008

Art Camp mural

My girls and I have been doing "art camp" at least once a week this summer. Mia and I have talked about re-doing the mural downstairs for awhile. This week was as good as any. We drew out our idea and then went and bought some base paint. I then drew and cut out all of our ideas (trees, butterflies, flowers, etc) I would draw the outline of things and my girls would paint them all. They did a fabulous job helping. We are not done, but I thought I would share where we have been and where we left off. The original mural was done in the late 60's, and while i liked that one, I think the girls are excited to make that room their own. Later we will finish all the critters and the flowers and I am attempting to turn the tallest tree into a family tree - with peoples names on the roots. I will post it when it is done.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Kansas City} September 19/21st

I got my acceptance letter last friday while on vacation visiting friends in Salt Lake. I will be at the Plaza Art Fair in KC/MO in September. I am excited and honored to be juried into the show again this year. It also means i have a BUSY 11 weeks ahead. I better get on it. Right now I am painting a mural with my daughters in our studio. I will post photos soon.