Wednesday, June 07, 2006

more of a sneak peek

Sneak peek

Here are some prints that will be at Summer Art Market this weekend.
(also included here - a photo of one of Johns latest works)

OH i worked HARD

I finished my 11x11s on sunday - this last week i think i was printing for about 50-60 hours. (all to get ready for S.A.M) I didnt really keep track expect i do know i spent about $400 on babysitters (oh, ouch!) The good part is I never got sick of printing. i was having fun in the 49th hour, and if i had time - i would still be printing. I have many more ideas and pieces in the works for my next show in KC. I also hope to have my work in some stores in denver/and other cities and possibly the launch of a new website to sell work.. all the time.

IN PROGRESS (this weekend)