Thursday, April 19, 2007


I owe Monte huge. He had a vision - and he pulled it off beautifully. He does good work. OK, yes - he is using my artwork - my visuals, but it was him that had this grand concept. While i loved it, i wasnt sure if the client would like it. My art isnt crisp and clean and precise like most advertising is out there. Monte came to me with some comps and then i did some sketches. I am almost done with the first piece and i have 2 more to do. Here is what the first piece looks like. It is for the last 4 phases of Lowry - which is a cool new(er) neighborhood just east of downtown denver. Lowry was an old airforce base - so there is a lot of land to develop - and prime property being in the city. The ads will run in local magazines and a few billboards too.

lastest commission

A friend of mine from college called and about a month ago and said she is now a designer in KC and had a space that she thought my art would look good in. My website isnt updated and i dont have a good take on my inventory so it took a few back and forths but she was able to pick three pieces and I reprinted them. Here are the pieces hung. Thanks Becky for the photos. I don't often get to see where my art ends up but i love to see where my art has landed.