Monday, September 27, 2010

new found hobby

SEWING! I finally took a class at Fancy Tiger on A Line skirts. 3-4 hours and you leave wearing your new skirt. it was so much fun. I took the class on Sept 4th in memory of my grandma (who died 8yrs ago/sept 4th) ANYWAY, i was hooked. I have a pretty major surgery planned and this sewing thing is great to take my mind off of that. i have been spending my time at fabric stores and in front of my machine. 3wks later I have made 4 windows worth of curtains, 8 skirts and reupoltered 4 kitchen chairs. i am on a roll! another reason why my blog has been neglected.

Monday, September 06, 2010

art at KISMET }

To help celebrate Kismets anniversary they thru themselves a party. and now - Kismet is carrying my artwork. August - thru the holidays. SO, if you are at the Shops @ Southglenn go check it out. It's a GREAT store!

Friday, September 03, 2010

i love ART CAMP }

This was one of my highlights of the summer. and it was just 4 short hours. This summer the pool took over our life. I would hope for a rainy day so we could get out the crafts and paint, but the only rain came on the weekends i had an arts festival. (go figure) So - in the last week of summer i got a few girls together to paint. I wanted to TEACH something and i used a painting of poppys for an example. I had traded some work for this painting this summer at the art market. darnit, i can't remember her name. I thought it was a good simple layout and a good example to follow. . I knew if they follow the example - each girl would be able to take home a really nice piece of artwork they could keep forever. We painted for about 4 hours and while some steps along the way were difficult to hold their attention (mainly for Ryan - the super creative one) I think everyone was proud of their finished piece. I really enjoyed my time with the girls. I LOVE doing this.