Wednesday, June 25, 2008

{PRINTSY} prints - treasury

I have had 2 treasuries this week. Lucky me! This one i did was for the PRINTMAKERS on ETSY street team.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I am finally resurfacing to life

Arts festivals take the wind out of me. I leave myself so exhausted by the time the show starts, i muster up all the personality I have to enjoy all the people that come out to see me/us, and new people I get to meet. Then I enjoy the feeling of money in my pocket (since it is feast or famine being a stay at home mom/working artist who only gets to put herself and work first a few weeks out of the year) and then...... I 1. enjoy my kids and my family and 2. SLEEP and catch up on TV i have tivo'ed.

Over the last week I have gone to the pool, spent time with friends, gone out to dinner a few times, had a picnic in the backyard, watched my girls play in the sprinkler (and joined in), planted flowers with my girls, went to the farmers market, watched them ride their bikes with friends (and joined in), shopped, went to the library, went hiking, caught up on laundry, organized and made some lists. For relaxing - it was productive relaxing.

Here are some photos from the last week.
having a picnic and reading our library books

mia helping me with flowers

ryan warming up after swimming.

not the best bike safety photo - but she does where her helmet and clothes 95% of the time.

just what i needed for a drive to the mountians

mount evans - the tallest paved road in north america. and did i mention i am terrified of heights!
I had attempted to make it to the top ten years ago, and only attempted it again because i had forgotten just how scarey the drive is. there is NO room for error. that snow line is the road- with straight drops.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Incredibly - incredible show this weekend.

What a great show we had! It was incredible! It exceeded our expectations. We had such a great mix of returning customers and people who had never seen or purchased our work. I sold so many of my favorites (but i think they all have good homes). John sold my favorite piece as well - but also to a great home! AND - We felt so loved. We had so many friends stop by to show us they care! Mandy started it out with a pre-show the night before. Then we had (left to right) The Strahls, The Hansens, Lynne & Damon, Paul, Tom & Liz, superheros from buntport!! (jessica, matt and rhaetia!), The Ooms family, The Mead family, Janee and adorable kids and then the Ryan family. ((and not pictured, Scott and John, The Rivers, The Trautmans, The Larsons and The Giesens -happy anniversary))

OOH, the Ryan family. To whom i am forever indebted! I do not take favors easily, but Karen and Jason were total lifesavers on sunday. They stopped by in the thick of a huge melt down! Ryan had gotten a pine needle in her foot and was screaming as if she needed an ambulance - which sent Desi (who lived on the corner who i had met once before) to go get tweezers and a band-aid and while all that was happening - i got a bloody nose. Moments later, after only 2 hours in our tent with us - our kids were walking off with the Ryans to go play with the slip and slide. Special Thanks to my mom who watched the girls all day saturday, Scott who alwayshelps a ton, Paul for shooting my work - and thanks for lunch saturday and The Ryan family who helped out so much - - and on fathers day of all days.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Art Market - THIS WEEKEND

This will be our 4th SUMMER ART MARKET and we are excited! The show is at the Art Students League of Denver
200 Grant st -Denver, CO BOOTH #164. The dates/times are Saturday & Sunday - June 14th & 15th from 10AM - 5PM.
We hope to see everyone there!

John has new books, boxes and shelves.

I have new works with birds, houses and dresses.
The newest bird art with text is fun. Its text taken from sentences in books, so it's text out of context.


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Time is up - raise your hands.

Just like on my favorite reality shows like Top Chef and Project Runway- The clock has run out and it is time for me to raise my hands in the air and be happy with what I have completed. At last count I have 127 pieces. (im not sure I have ever had every piece in the same place at the same time though - so there will be a more final count later) This weekend I left time to drill all the holes in the back of my pieces and shoot them all for possible prints, promos and my website. Thank you so much Paul for helping me out today! Here are most of my pieces. This week I have to paint the sides of each piece. That alone will take hours.

Friday, June 06, 2008

my pile is growing and so are the circles under my eyes

ahh - mountain dew. You KNOW i am getting ready for a show when i bring home a 12 pack of Mountain Dew. It appeared this week. I did have a sitter this week (7 hours worth) - but the majority of my printing got done between the hours of 10PM and 3AM. every night I would vow to get the girls in bed earlier and get working in the 9 o clock hour so I could stop by 1. Each night it was harder to get them to bed and harder to stop working. I have really been having a good time.

Thursday night was tough - For some reason I thought it was necessary to have TWO mountain dews. I finished my second one around 1:30AM and went off to bed around 3. I laid down and thought to myself... "good thing I am exhausted so I can fall right to sleep." Next thought - "Oh my god, what if i CANT fall asleep".. "If i go to bed right now - i MIGHT get 5 hours" - - ok, dont look at the clock. dooonnnt look at the clock.. "DONT DO IT" 3:06, 3:17, 3:44, DONT LOOK AT THE CLOCK! 4:16 "What if i am awake when the sun comes up, what if my kids wake up before I get to bed" 4:17AM - Ryan crawls into bed with us. I panic and move into Mia's bedroom to cuddle and enjoy the sound of the fan. 4:34 was the last time I looked at the clock. The lucky part was that my family let me sleep until 9AM. I can function on 5 hours, so i was pretty OK the next day with a short 20 minute nap with my girls.

Here are some photos of what things are looking like.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Design For Mankind -

Im sure (almost) ALL of us bloggers frequent Design for Mankind - so many have already seen that I was featured the other day on the site. It was so exciting and such an honor! Thanks Erin. Here is the link incase you missed it. And as for the series of library cards and flashcards, I am currently sold out of them BUT will be making more and posting them in my etsy shop sometime this summer. (i can't wait, they are so much fun to do)