Friday, June 06, 2008

my pile is growing and so are the circles under my eyes

ahh - mountain dew. You KNOW i am getting ready for a show when i bring home a 12 pack of Mountain Dew. It appeared this week. I did have a sitter this week (7 hours worth) - but the majority of my printing got done between the hours of 10PM and 3AM. every night I would vow to get the girls in bed earlier and get working in the 9 o clock hour so I could stop by 1. Each night it was harder to get them to bed and harder to stop working. I have really been having a good time.

Thursday night was tough - For some reason I thought it was necessary to have TWO mountain dews. I finished my second one around 1:30AM and went off to bed around 3. I laid down and thought to myself... "good thing I am exhausted so I can fall right to sleep." Next thought - "Oh my god, what if i CANT fall asleep".. "If i go to bed right now - i MIGHT get 5 hours" - - ok, dont look at the clock. dooonnnt look at the clock.. "DONT DO IT" 3:06, 3:17, 3:44, DONT LOOK AT THE CLOCK! 4:16 "What if i am awake when the sun comes up, what if my kids wake up before I get to bed" 4:17AM - Ryan crawls into bed with us. I panic and move into Mia's bedroom to cuddle and enjoy the sound of the fan. 4:34 was the last time I looked at the clock. The lucky part was that my family let me sleep until 9AM. I can function on 5 hours, so i was pretty OK the next day with a short 20 minute nap with my girls.

Here are some photos of what things are looking like.


Blogger Sam said... have been busy!

7:12 AM  
Blogger cookie said...

hi again!
i like all the houses, especially the ones with the roots. and the birds with the rays coming out from behind them. and there is one with a red house on a hill that i love.
its very hard to choose when i love all of them..
i cant believe how many you have done!!
very inpiring.

7:58 PM  

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