Monday, November 30, 2009

working hard

new work coming this week - be back soon.

Friday, November 13, 2009

the calm before the storm....

I have all my wood sanded... i have it all neatly stacked (by size and color)..... and now my only excuse is free time. (or lack of it) but this is definitely the calm before the storm. I hope to find myself working late and discovering some new exciting things that have been waiting and waiting and waiting thru my months of reorganization. (and what is picture worthy below is more of the fact that i have a fancy new scarf (cowl) to keep me warm while i work)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

donating my time & creativity -

It has been over a month since i blogged last - and I am barely able to make it to any one elses blog for even a comment or two. I haven't been working away feverishly in my studio, but i have been donating my time and creativity to a worthy cause.

First I took the month of September (which spilled into and continued thru October) DE-cluttering my house. My husband had begged me to find a consistent place to put the mail, so he could find his bills/checks. (yes, thats important) I started in the kitchen on my little desk and worked thru the entire house (including my studio) The only room untouched is the actual (small) storage area in the basement. I also moved furniture around in the house/donated a bunch of stuff and stripped some wallpaper and repainted (the mudroom). I have been productive - busy - exhausted (yet relieved and refreshed - and ready for a new start) here are some before and afters of our mudroom. (soon to be laundry room)

As for my creativity - my girl scout troop is keeping me on my toes and busy. October my Brownies earned their sewing patch. They first hand sewed their own plushies (monsters/ghosts or bats). Then the girls machine sewed their pwn trickORtreat bags with the help of some moms who joined in. And when they were done with their bags, they came down to my studio and i taught them the basics of silkscreen. And in black and orange we decorated each bag one of a kind!

Now with 2 months of reorganizing, regrouping and decluttering - and a creative girl scout meeting under my belt it is time for me to get out my screens and ink and she what i can do. Update to follow much sooner this time.