Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sale } coming soon

I have been working hard getting ready for my first ONLINE ART SALE. A week from today I will have 42 pieces of work for sale. The prices range from $60- $185 and i have 5x5s up to 12x12s. There are some great pieces I am excited to find good homes for. I will also be updating my etsy page hopefully in the next week with originals. Not just prints anymore. Stay Tuned and come back for updates.

Friday, October 24, 2008

OBAMA PINS! free for the taking!

Last week at a soccer game a friend gave us some awesome BARACK OBAMA pins they had made at a pin party in the neighborhood. i LOVED the idea and wanted more to hand out to my friends. I spent a day getting the artwork ready and then john, myself, mia, ryan and their friend jordan sat down and decorated them with glitter/stars/etc. I took them and got them laminated and i think they turned out so cute! (thanks Alice for the great idea) I have about 50 made (although - gave away about 15 at preschool this morning in about 2 minutes) I can always make more - SO - if you want one, email me your address. ( and i will try to get them in the mail asap! in time so everyone can show their support before election day.

on my table i had some artwork i was packing up to take to a gallery - someone put barack in the house. i think it looks better that way... don't you?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


it was fun to get an email from jodie - and go to etsy and see myself on the front page as i was running out the door. WOOHOO. its a strong reminder for me to get back on the etsy wagon. Etsy is tough - i can't seem to crack the code on how to be successful on etsy. BUT I have many pieces to add (soon) and i am still working for an online sale of some sort the first week of NOVEMBER. I will also have a BLOG GIVEAWAY to kick that off!! Stay Tuned. (and thanks for the front page fellow etsyer... i didnt catch who made the list)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jay Vollmar - love it

I should have posted this months ago. We went to Jay Vollmars show this summer at the Ink Lounge and bought some amazing (silkscreen) prints. Here is one i just hung up in our dining room. I was waiting to frame it - but since its on velvet - i just tacked it on the wall for now and I think it looks great there (even with the hideous, gold, glittered, flocked wallpaper). This is actually the show invite that was also for sale. His website is: Check him out!

Monday, October 06, 2008

hung some new artwork this weekend -

We got the hammer and nails out this weekend and hung some new artwork up. Both Mia and Ryan picked out a piece of mine to hang up in their rooms. Mia picked out a print of Bekah Ash's for her room. I wish we could have gotten a big original painting - it remains on my list of things to purchase. Ryan got a large Jay Vollmar piece for her room (in the photo on he back wall) AND - in for foreground we hung our new piece from Amanda Blake. I also wish we could have afforded to bring home a big one - but this was a very nice trade from Amanda. We couldn't decide where to hang it - and both girls wanted it in their rooms - so it ended up right in the middle of both rooms. It is the in the middle when you come up the stairs so its the first thing you see. OH - we also have a new piece from ZOA ACE, but i forgot to take a photo. We hung that one in the playroom. anyway - THANKS AMANDA FOR THE TRADE. If you havent been to her site - here is the link -
I like how in this first photo when i asked them to both stand in their rooms, they stood (by chance) like the girl in the painting.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Below are my two lists. There is nothing to show scale - but they are 17" long. 1. House stuff to do. 2. General/Business stuff to do. With great joy, I have been slowly marking off things completed. It feels so nice to not be under the deadline of a show. To have free time. I am actually going to go watch a movie now. (2nd one this week)