Monday, March 23, 2009

tootie poster progress

We decided to make posters and tshirts to raise money for Tooties surgery fund. Tootie is our 4 year old Boston Terrier who has developed cataracts in both eyes. We have been referred to a specialist in time to regain her sight (with pricey surgery) Given her age - we have to give her a chance to be able to see again. Right now she is "legally blind" so she cant drive a car or watch TV. (that was a joke) anyway. John and I collaborated which is more difficult than you would think. We designed the poster and then took this weekend and printed an edition. (100+) We couldnt have done it without so much help from our family and friends. My mom donated the money for our supplies, then we had help from Scott who hung in there helping for the entire weekend, help from Francesca and Gabriella - and Mia and Ryan who hung out and played non stop at the studio together. Then Alice, Leah (aka Miss P), Paulie and Rob - for moral support, opinions, paper holding, and company. We are going to be selling the posters for $25. and soon we will make t-shirts also. UPDATE ON SPECIFICS COMING SOON!


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