Sunday, September 28, 2008

portrait by jeff strahl.

I thought i would finally share a photo taken of me recently by a fellow artist/photographer who is also a friend. Jeff and Sarah own many pieces of my artwork (thanks for all the support guys) - probably a piece or two from each series from the last few years. Anyway, in the peak of my craziness about a month ago Jeff came over to get first pick before i went to KC, and while he was here he took my picture. It's not often i get my picture taken by anyone other then myself, my kids or my (photographer) husband -and specifically in that order.

and - for an update. i could use a life size cardboard cut out of myself to place in my studio - because i have been marked absent! I haven't been down there for 5 minutes, havent picked up one thing, or screwed the caps on my drying ink. NOTHING. i think i will TRY to make it down this week to get it cleaned up, but it might be the NEXT week. who knows.

(pppsstt... I do know there will be an online sale with my originals NOVEMBER 7TH, so stay tuned.)


Blogger Jesse said...

That's a great photo! It really seems to capture a feeling of being in the midst of work.

8:16 AM  

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