Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kansas City Plaza Art Fair - we are headed there

Its 1:04 AM... i have been packing ALL DAY! first thing this morning we played tetris with all the tupperware, walls, etc. and we were able to get everything into 1 car. BUT, us. well - there was TIGHT room for 5 and the weight limit is 1300lbs. we were close, you could tell. my tires were sagging. it didnt look good. we thought about it all day and by 7PM - with just 20 minutes of daylight... we made the executive call to take 2 cars. it will be another $160 for gas. (OUCH) but we cant think of any other way to safely make it there. I am also including a photo of my favorite piece. I believe it will be on sale for $600 - unless i decide i simply cant part with it. and finally, a photo of my TRASHED studio. Bummer i had to leave it this way. i sure didnt want to come home to a mess. But - the dishes are washed, clothes are all folded and else where its generally clean. BE THINKING HAPPY THOUGHTS. It looks like we will have great weather. AND - - - if you are in KC! - come out and see the show. FRI 5-10. SAT 10-10 (ouch) and SUN 11-5. I THINK i am booth # 507 (if its not 507, its very close) i should know this. sorry.


Anonymous michelle said...

I'm new to your blog! I love it! Your style of art, the fact that you post pics of your messy studio! I relate! I'm off to peruse more of your creations.

4:14 PM  

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