Friday, August 29, 2008

took a small break -

I have had a busy week without even touching my squeege. I have a few bits and pieces to share.

First i took a break on sunday to go with my family to visit grandma mary and grandpa johnny. Grandma Mary would have been 99yrs old Sunday - and she passed 9 years ago next month. Her passing left a hole in our lives - as did the passing of all of our grandparents (we have just one left between both john and I) So - grandma Mary got some new pretty flowers at her headstone (or what do they call it when you are in a mausoleum?)

Then I spent some time helping John with his party invites. These were time intensive. We (john, scott and I) printed 200+ invites and then I addressed about 150 to send out. They were 3 color silkscreens with tight registration on chipboard. It took a lot longer then expected, but i think they turned out really nice.

and THEN - we enjoyed the crowds, the history and the hype of the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION in Denver. I am a fond fan of Barack Obama, so it was nice to soak in the festivites. They had some amazing art around town, news stations, parties/etc. We took the girls downtown just to be among it all. I only wish that we would have been at the stadium last night. John was suppose to shoot it for a magazine but his pass disappeared (from the magazine contact he had) when it was too late to hustle for a new one. here are some photos from what we saw.

NOW - for the long labor day weekend - i MUST get to work!!!!


Blogger filthEdesign said...

the invitations look great...

i looked for you in the crowd at the stadium :) glad you got to soak up the energy even if you weren't inside!

12:39 PM  
Blogger erika tysse said...

cool for you just to experience something like that! Love the art too... Go Obama!

10:50 AM  

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