Tuesday, September 23, 2008

back home - and ready to relax

we are home. it is so nice to be home. (i have been thinking about this show in KC being done since early august) i am finally spending some time being human again. I get to be a mom. (a good one who can sit down and play and can make dinner instead of ordering it) I have been unloading, reorganizing, calling in credit card slips, going to the bank, doing laundry and playing some major catch up. I also quit the mountain dew cold turkey, but so far so good. i always need a bit of detox after a show. Now on to getting me selling online so i dont HAVE to do festivals to get my work out there.

here are some photos -
my booth - friday night

one of my favorites - sold.

we were so fortunate to get to see sandy and cameron every day/night. we went to freds twice and then got to go see their house on sunday night.

the open road - thru kansas. we made it back quick. its the time change that helps.


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