Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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I might not be having the most productive & creative summer - but my daughter is. I came across the coolest camp of the summer - - - or i should say - - the coolest camp IN DENVER (for girls...and boys who dig sewing crafts!) We were off to a rocky start....when she heard none of her friends could go with her, she was in tears and dragging her feet to HAVE to go... but when i came to pick her up the first day she had made her first PLUSHIE - - named "stitcky" and was SO proud of herself! Her teacher even said she was a "machine" and for those who really know me - - -you know that warmed my heart! (i TOO am a machine... when i like to do something) its hammer down..... WORK! (like a machine) It was a great way to spend some summer afternoons. and both girls will be going back next year!!!! Here are some photos from a proud mom -
Mia & "Stitchy"

The classroom that is downstairs - in Fancy Tiger (on Broadway in Denver)

the store from the top floor


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