Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Artist Statement }

It is HARD to write an artist statement. Even harder when there is a deadline involved. No wait.... easier. Because if there wasn't a deadline, I wouldn't write one at all. I procrastinated this until the last moment and then sat down to think it thru and email it off to the people at Cherry Creek. Thought i would share it first - here.

artist statement * 2010

Lisa is an untraditional Printmaker. This newer series of work is done by using
a traditional printmaking technique, silkscreen. But, instead of making editions of prints,
all of the pieces made are one of a kind mono prints. Some pieces have elements of mixed media
as well as pencil drawing.

Lisas subjects are mainly birds and houses. The birds represent characters in her life. From the bird
that is hovering over a street map of Manhattan wondering if it is time to take flight, to the bird
who is surrounded by numbers and equations or engulfed by a ray of sun. The houses represent relationships
to family, friends and community. There are houses that stand alone, ones with deep roots and houses
that are surrounded by the neighborhood or city. Together the birds and houses speak of how different birds (characters)
and surrounding and relationships (houses) are every changing and have great effect on one another.

Lisas space is filled with stacks of work - always. It is the obsession to see the series grow in number and the unlimited
number of possibilities that fuel Lisa to create this work.