Monday, June 08, 2009

NEW work & a NEW SIZE

I have many new things to show and share this year. First is the new size - a lovely long 5x10" and they sell for $100.

The houses for me have always represented a place and relationship. my place in the world...and the relationships i have, where i have landed, where I want to go - to visit or to live. The people (friends and family) in my life and where they are in relationship to me. My family talks a lot about selling it all.. making like more simple and moving to far away land. John wants ocean and I want land and space. (and you cant really have both) So - i am working thru where would be a good place to land. (although - for the record .... we did just "LAND" somewhere 2 1/2 years ago - so it is not like we haven't just made some tough choices and unpacked lots of boxes and acquired MORE stuff.)

more to come - but here is a start....,


Blogger oh my alikins said...

we've had those same conversations within our house! ;)

love the new work!!!

10:44 AM  
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