Wednesday, September 21, 2005


All summer i have been using an image of these 2 different trees in my artwork and most of the time i use the entire image of the tree with the roots. To me it symbolizes the family tree and also your roots. I use it to talk about family and how things can change in an instant - (like how my family fell apart with almost no warning as soon as my grandpa died - and was never the same again) I did 72 paintings this summer - i would guess atleast 1/2 had this image in them. here are a couple -

When we got to Davenport we bought a city map so we could see exactly where we could get close to the Mississippi River. There were 3 possible parks that had potential. here is the map
that green island is called CREDIT island and that is where we ended up sprinkling their ashes. well, we tried over by the marina - my mom thought it was OK - but it was pretty stagnant and it was by a marina. then we went to another park but it was in bettendorf (not davenport) and it was also kind of concrete and busy with people. then we drove along the river to Credit Island. we drove around the island and we picked a spot. when i walked down to the water, i turned around and saw this tree. WOW- i was speechless. its just the trees i have been using all summer. i thought that it was so completely weird and i didnt want to leave.


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